Saturday, September 3, 2011

Eggs in One Basket

Ahh, September has rolled around at last.  This is my favourite month of the year; there are still sunny, lovely days, but it begins to get cooler, and I get to wear all my cardigans, scarves, and jeans with boots.  Is there anything better, really?  However, it seems that this year, southern Ontario is still clinging desperately to the last vestiges of summer, because even though I went shopping this week for autumn essentials (mmm, rusty oranges, deep plum purples, and forest greens), it's been 37 Celsius for the past few days. Definitely too warm for long sleeves, and certainly too hot to drink tea.  But that hasn't really stopped me.

speckled eggs -- believe it or not, they're actually candles!

top & belt: reitmans

That there is my cherry blossom mug.  I pretty much only drink my tea out of this mug.  It's just so lovely and feminine, that I can't NOT want to drink tea out of it.  And if anyone's interested, the tea inside the mug is Creamy Earl Grey; if you haven't had it yet and you like black teas, go out and buy it!  It is the most delicious tea I have ever had.  Mmmmm.  

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