Saturday, November 12, 2011

days six to twelve

I am pleased to report that I only forgot to take a picture for one day -- and really, I didn't forget, I just felt like procrastinating.  You know how it is.  Not to mention I'm desperately trying to get my word count up (I am dismally behind at this point).  

Day Six: Pink
The same friend that bought me the tiny tea set from England, also brought me this adorable journal from Versailles in France.  It's officially become my wedding planning journal.  Yay!

Day Seven: Oversized
My dad's shoes are much too big for me.

Day Eight: Morning
The indistinct gray light of morning.  This picture isn't even something spectacular, but I love it.  I don't know why.

Day Nine: Upside Down
I waited all day for Pip to flip onto his back for this picture. Go figure, it was the one day he didn't do it.  So I ended up having to ask my dad to do downward facing dog, because that's all I could think of.

Day Ten: Reflection
The reflection of my living room in my T.V. A lot cooler than I had anticipated.

Day Eleven: Inside
I was so happy to get to spend the day inside yesterday.  It was cold enough to snow!  Luckily none of it stuck.

Day Twelve: Delicious

Mmmm...cookies and milk.  

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