Tuesday, November 1, 2011

happy hallowe'en II + first day of nano

I really love Hallowe'en.  Even after my mom decided she didn't want to decorate and hand out candy anymore, I would decorate the house by myself, and hand out all the candy -- always in costume.  One  year, I was a hideous hunch backed man (actually, it was my Riff Raff costume from a Rocky Horror party in high school, but I didn't expect any of the kids to get the reference).  But my street has grown up, and we pretty much don't get more than ten kids in the whole night, and usually it's less.  So that's why I went over to Luke's new place because their neighbourhood is FULL of kids.  Seventy-seven kids came by!  Yes, we tallied it. There were some real cuties...including a little Green Lantern.  Oh, be still my heart.  I did notice though, that the Hallowe'en spirit seems to be dying. I mean we had at least ten kids show up that weren't even in costume.  I mean, come on.  And there were a lot of kids just wearing cat ears.  It's pretty sad when the person handing out that candy is more dressed up than the kids taking the candy.  Oh well.

I didn't find my Star Trek dress, so I used an H&M dress intead.  I actually like it a lot better, so that worked out well.  Usually I do the beehive, but I branched, and I'm so glad I did.  I love, love, love the flipped out ends, and I think I'm going to have to do that to my hair more often.  It was funny though, as I was trying to tell my mom how to use the curling iron to do the ends, and she just gave me this Look and said, "I know how to do this.  I did this to my own hair every day."  It made me laugh like crazy.  Anyway, Luke didn't really have a costume, so we just made him into a sort of '60s-styled man.  I took the opportunity to test out my new Photoshop CS 5.1 and my new actions to vintage-fy our Hallowe'en shots just for some fun.

We watched Sleepy Hollow while we were handing out candy; I really love that movie. And you would never think it was a '90s movie either.  We also ate way too much chocolate, and also homemade date squares (the first time in my life that I've enjoyed date squares).

Once midnight hit, I was off and running with my NaNoWriMo novel.  It is so much fun not caring at all about what you're writing -- I know that must sound weird, but it's true.  In under an hour I had reached 1248 words, so I still have a bit of writing too, especially if I want to get ahead.  But it was nice to wake up this morning and know that really, I have just under 500 words to go before I hit the daily wordcount.

I'm starting the 365 Days: A Year of Prompts project today.  I've wanted to for months, so I figured November is the time; it's turned into my busiest month of the year.  Maybe that's not a bad thing.  Especially since Luke started working full time, I have a lot of hours to fill.  I'll be posting those pictures in batches of about five to ten.  Wish me luck!

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