Friday, August 26, 2011

modern jane & more

I've mentioned this before, but I am an obsessive Jane Eyre fan.  I relate to her in a way that I haven't related to a book character, possibly ever.  But I won't get into that here; I'll leave that one for another post.  Nevertheless, after I watched the new adaptation with Mia Wasikowska (who is my perfect Jane, by the way), I was inspired, and I particularly wanted to recreate the shot of her standing in front of a window at Thornfield, when she glances over her shoulder at Mrs. Fairfax (played by the ever outstanding Judi Dench).  Thus, I endeavored to find my perfect "Jane" outfit to match the shot.  I tried a few, but there was something off about them.  Then, a revelation: the tops I was pairing with my high waisted skirts were too billowy -- Jane's bodices were very form fitted, emphasizing her tiny corseted waist.  I have no corset to aid me in that respect.  So instead of donning my button down shirts and tucking them in, I put on a new cardigan of mine, and it did the trick, I think!

Photo taken by my lovely mom

The cardigan looks more gray than it is; it's actually navy blue.  I wish I had a cute lace collar to wear (I am presently on the search for an affordable option), since Jane wore a few that I fell in love with, but it turned out quite well anyway.  You can click the image for a larger version if you'd like to see a bit more detail.  Also, I was wearing a lace skirt from Forever 21, but it didn't make it into the shot, and I'm rather glad; I think the stark contrast between the blue and the cream would have been too much.

If you're wondering, the shot was taken at another pioneer village, this one a bit closer to my home.  I took a number of shots, and I'm including just a few below.  I didn't process any of them (only one shot I edited the contrast just a touch), because the natural light cast such lovely tones.  Enjoy!

I plan on making one of those Mennonite dolls in the first shot, once I get to a fabric store to buy some suitable cotton.  Also, look forward to a few geeky posts about FanExpo (Toronto's version of ComicCon), where I may or may not be dressing as Rogue from X-Men.

Cheers all!

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