Monday, August 22, 2011

my big fat italian family reunion

On Saturday, I drove up with my family (excluding my older brother, who stayed behind to watch our two dogs), and my boyfriend, to the annual family reunion.  As I'm sure you've guessed from the title, it was for the Italian side of my family -- more specifically, my dad's mom's side, seeing as my grandfather's family is still in Italy.  Regardless, as it happens, I know just about as many of my own family members as my boyfriend does.  Kind of awkward, but it had its moments.  And it was a good photo op, most certainly.  So here's just a few shots from the day.

From top left: Aunt Vivian and my dad with my Nonna photobombing in the background, my Nonna posing on a boat, my dad fishing, and my younger brother being unaware that I was taking pictures of him.

From top: my Nonno, my boyfriend, Luke, Uncle Frank with his best catch of the day, and my cousin Nico's sun fish.

From top:  The young 'uns, some of the drinks consumed over the course of the afternoon, my brother's legs (random, I know), and my cousin David.

I'm afraid from these pictures, you don't really get a sense of how many people were there.  But trust me when I say there were more than a few!

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