Saturday, October 15, 2011

the rockton world's fair

So, last Sunday on the Canadian Thanksgiving weekend, Luke took me to the Rockton World's Fair.  I'd never been, although I've been to other smaller fairs, as well as the CNE (which is more commercial fair than country fair though).  I'm not really an outdoorsy sort of person, but Luke used to go all the time, and he wanted to take me, and who was I to say no?  It turned out to be pretty fun, although the light was fading fast, so some of my shots didn't turn out exactly the way I had hoped they would.  Also, I found the cutest dress at a thrift store the day before, which just screamed "WEAR ME TO THE FAIR!", but we forgot to take pictures of it.  Ah well.  I'm sure it'll show up on the blog sooner or later.

I'd have to say that the animals were my favourite part of the whole day.  This is only a glimpse of them, but there were sheep, different types of cows, horses, miniature horses, llamas, alpacas, all types of farm birds, and rabbits (including hilarious angora rabbits).  The goats were awesome though, because they were super friendly, and just wanted to be scratched.  So did the cow in the last picture -- and oh my gosh, I couldn't help but snap a picture of that gentleman, because he seemed to genuinely care about that cow.  And it looked like the cow was enjoying it too, because she was wagging her tail and getting into that scratch behind the ears!

A little known fact about me is that I used to take horse back riding lessons, and I was actually not terrible at it.  I had to stop though, right about the time I would have started competing (in English riding, not Western like you see above), because my grandma decided to stop paying for lessons.  Nevertheless, I still love horses, and I literally took upwards of three hundred pictures of the course of about three hours of all the horse competitions at the fair.  I was pretty impressed with the quality of images, considering I was just using my 18-55mm kit lens.  Isn't that miniature horse the cutest though?  Everyone in the stands was 'awww'ing over it.

Fairs seem to just come alive at night, don't they?  Everything looks more exciting when the lights are flashing.  I just love how retro everything looks.  I hope fairs never change (except for the prices...twenty bucks for two people to ride a ferris wheel?  Puh-lease).

And as promised, here's a couple wallpapers!

This last one is of a relative of Luke's.  He was competing in the figure eight race, and I just love how this shot turned out.

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