Monday, October 31, 2011

happy hallowe'en: there is never enough butter

Happy Hallowe'en everyone!  I hope you enjoy this spooky night to the best of your ability!  Luke and I will be handing out candy to the little ones tonight, while watching Sleepy Hollow (last night we watched Hocus Pocus, is anyone remembers that oldie).  I'm not sure what I'm going to dress up as though...I can't find my Star Trek dress, and I couldn't find any mouse ears to be Minnie Mouse.  So we'll have to see.  I might just wear my mom's Hallowe'en head band and earrings tonight. I hope this isn't the first Hallowe'en EVER that I don't dress up!

Anyway, on Saturday, Luke and I went over to our friends' (and his cousin's) place for a delicious meal and pumpkin carving!  Now, I don't know if I've mentioned this, but I've been cutting out most of the meat in my diet.  But schnitzel will always, always be the exception.  It's just too good.  But I still want to try it with fish, just to see.  Here's a picture of the finished product (of the meal, not the jack-o-lanterns):

Stuffed zucchini, schnitzel with lemon, homemade spaetzle, steamed broccoli, and fried onions with sage.  So. Good.

Now onto the pumpkin carving!

And finally...

Ours is the one on the right (Jack Skellington!  If anyone's interested,  The Nightmare Before Christmas was my first ever move that I saw in theatres, when I was three years old. I've watched it at least three times a year, usually more, since then. I know it off by heart at this point), and the one with the cute little ears belongs to Marc and Leanne. Luke and Marc did all the carving, which we don't have actual pictures of, because Leanne and I were sorting pumpkin seeds for toasting.  We made three batches: all spice with maple spice, garlic, and cinnamon & sugar. That's where the "never enough butter" thing comes in. Because you can never toast pumpkin seeds with enough butter.

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  1. Hello Joy, Happy Halloween.
    I wish you the best.